Wedding in Marrakech Morocco

Wedding in Marrakech Morocco

Wedding in marrakech morocco

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding in Marrakech Morocco, you have to know that it will be such a real dream from Thousand Nights and a Night.

Usually, The Moroccan wedding needs preparation from six months to a year of preparations, which relates to the traditional bride’s long-standing dress.

However, nowdays you can plan and celebrate quickelly in one month your wedding in Marrakech.

How to do that?

1- Choose the ceremony space:

There are many spaces in marrakech where you can organize your event. For example:

A private pool villa or a large villa with moroccan themed party touch, a hotel, or a tipical moroccan old house called Riad.

Riad is moroccan big house with historical touch with a courtyard in the middle.

2- you need a ceremony planner

The Moroccan wedding is characterized by old customs and rituals. A ceremony planner knows what you need.

He will help you to choose what you want, you and your guests.

The planner is also responsible for event dishes,it’s one of the most important things that is especially important to the Moroccan people.

The type of food may be grilled small sheep, bastilla, chicken, fruits and appetizers before dinner and serve famous Moroccan desserts.

3- Choosing Neggafa

The bride is considered a crowned queen on the night of her wedding, in which she wears the most beautiful traditional clothes and the bride is decorated with golden ornaments and this is a highlight of the high wedding value.

The Neggafa is the women wich has a team of hearstylers and assistans, her job is to take car of the bride.

She is responsible for the dresses, wich are mostly caftan and takchitas, also the hairstyle and the jewelry.

The outfits have to be choosen before the event. The bride chooses from neggafa the styles she preferes.

Negafa colaborate with the wedding planner to make the event successful.
Also, they can be already a team working together.

The Moroccan wedding is characterized by diversity both in terms of the dress of the bride or in the provision of food and the provision of artistic paragraphs.