Moroccan culture and traditions

Moroccan culture and traditions

Moroccan culture, traditions and customs are part of the original heritage, as Morocco is keen to preserve it as a shroud that allows them to express their joys and sorrows, and there is joint sharing in events and forums.
And then developed cities and then the customs and traditions are still continuing in the conscience of Morocco, which is moving from grandparents to parents and children, and the state has been keen by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to work on the allocation of an important project that preserves all the old customs and traditions and also preserve the material and non-material heritage, The collective and the psychological connection is not affected by all that is new with science and technology.
What are Moroccan traditions and customs?
For example, in the wedding or engagement, the bride is decorated with the finest clothes and the henna works on the night of the Dakhla. Also the tradition is the aqeeqah, circumcision, and the seal of the Qur’aan. Excellence and uniqueness in the weddings and nights of Ramadan also, and there is also a celebration of the night of Ashura and religious holidays, and the purpose of those celebrations is to introduce joy and happiness.
Moroccan kitchen
Moroccan cuisine has a rite with appetizing appetizers and its beautiful varieties. The most important things are the Moroccan, French, Moroccan, Moroccan, and Moroccan dishes. This is done both in great occasions, holidays, weddings, religious holidays, national holidays,
Customs and traditions in the days of harvest for farmers, there are celebrations for this occasion for farmers
Community and Culture of the State of Morocco
Morocco is the main religion is the Islamic religion and there are values for the people of Morocco, namely:
Morocco plays a key role in Morocco, which plays an important role in social relations
An individual follows the family or group
There is widespread patronage, it is an indication of the care of one family
In Morocco there is great respect for the elderly for the rest of the family

The ethics of the meeting in the State of Morocco
Moroccans greet each other as they take time to talk about their families and friends.
Always handshake there be of the same sex
The handshake is a kiss on my body and the person of the person and men with men and women with women

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