Kasbah Marrakech

Medina of Marrakech

Medina of Marrakech
The city of Marrakesh is called the red city. This is because the buildings are built of red mud. The old city is surrounded by a large palm grove with a large courtyard and also the courtyard mosque. It is a large market, full of life and close to the mosque. About 77 meters high, it also has a mausoleum of Said dating back to the sixteenth century, there is the Baida Palace but is currently a hospital and a large part of the city surrounded by walls dating back to the twelfth century.
Marrakech city attractions
The city of Marrakesh is characterized by many tourist attractions and also has beautiful tourist attractions that attract tourists to it as follows:
The mosque was established by the Almoravids and this is a main square in the city of Marrakesh. It has been recognized by UNESCO. There, artists, storytellers, magicians, herbalists, spices,
Battalion Mosque: One of the oldest three houses in the world, and features curved windows and beautiful decorative arches, and has a wonderful beauty and also stones made of red stones, and the height of those houses up to 70 meters.
Al Badi Palace: This palace does not have any other than the remains, but it still retains its place it is considered a tourist interface in the country, and there are organized festivals of culture and popular and are working within the remnants of this historic palace.
Mosque of Ben Youssef: This mosque dates back to the late 12th century and is considered one of the oldest and most important buildings in the city, a holy place to go to Muslims.
Saadian tombs: Saadian tombs is a mausoleum, which contains scattered remains of members of the Saadi dynasties, the most important characteristic of this landmark is a room with 12 columns.
The Almoraviden tribe: This tribe did not leave much of which was restored
Majorelle Garden: This garden contains a group of cactuses and has swimming pools and fountains and also has more than 15 species of beautiful birds are found in the garden
The city of Marrakesh is also characterized by the beauty of the parks with the olive grove, the lighthouse and the gardens of Agdal. The city is famous for swimming and winter sports. It also has a shopping center for the Atlas Mountains. It has an international airport and the railway connecting it with Casablanca

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