City of Nador Morocco

City of Nador Morocco

The city of Nador in Morocco is located in the northern part of Morocco, it is on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, and it belongs to the province of Nador, which covers an area of six thousand and two hundred square kilometers, and a population of approximately 213,000 people, and the population speak the Amazigh language and the city of Nador in Morocco It is considered one of the richest cities in Morocco, where there are financial balances in banks.
History of the city of Nador
The city of Nador dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century and is a population of nomads, and the population of that city, Ouled Saleh, Ould Abdallah and Sebaia, Hamra, Ould Sassi and Jdairia, Ghararat and Ould Cheikh, and then changed the name of the city to the city of Jbeineh to the city of Nador. A number of other institutions have been established.
The port of the city of Nador
The port of Nador is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the southernmost side of the coast east of the head of the three cascades. It is located next to the Algerian border, about seventy meters away. The city was established to promote import and export.
Attractions in Nador
The city of Nador is one of the cities that do not have historical sites to attract tourists, but it has acquired a large number of foreign tourists, especially Moroccan Jews and Spaniards, who come to the city and this because of the graves and shrines, which is due to their parents and grandparents who inhabited the area during the Spanish colonial period,
The city of Nador is one of the cities with beaches. The most important of these beaches is the coast of the village of Arkman, the Gulf of Boukana, Ras Al Maal and Bouyaver, and the city of Nador is a city surrounded by mountains and picturesque forests, and from here began to attract foreign investors for the establishment of tourist facilities


Transportation in the city of Nador
The city of Nador has roads connecting the city of Nador and the various regions of Morocco. It also has a private car and taxi station with a bus station. This helps connect the provinces to the national road network. It also has 2 railway stations, which were inaugurated in 2009 and sponsored by the country’s king. King Mohammed VI has an international airport located in the city of Laroui and the port of Bani Nassar.

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